Fault Zone: Detachment

We invite you to look at the meaning of “detachment” and create works that will carry readers to unexpected places.

A detachment fault, a type of normal fault, dips at a low angle, and separates rocks deep in the crust from rocks of the upper crust.

Think about faults and forces that separate some people from others. Yet don’t forget the angled line on the diagram of a detachment fault can also be viewed as a connection between two different places.

A focus on California is encouraged but not required.

Each member may submit up  to four entries total. No more than two entries total per member will  be published in any one Fault Zone issue. There is no entry fee. However, make sure you’ve paid your annual 2020–2021 CWC San Francisco  Peninsula Branch dues. And if you're not a member, now is a great time  to consider becoming one! 

SUBMISSION PERIOD: September 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

Length: Up to 100 lines per poem

Number of entries: Up to 4 poems per entrant

Multiple entries: Submit each piece separately. Please DO NOT combine multiple entries into a single submission

Manuscript format


  • File type: doc, docx, or rtf. If you use Word 2016, please send file in rich text format (rtf). NO PDF FILES!

  • 12-pt. type, Times roman/Times New Roman

  • Double-spaced

  • 1-inch margins

  • Indent first line in each paragraph using ruler indents, not tabs

  • One letter space between sentences in each paragraph

  • Pages numbered

  • List title of piece and category on first page

  • NO AUTHOR NAME on the manuscript, not even in a header or footer. Your name will be registered by Submittable.